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Lena Dunham turning young-adult novel Catherine, Called Birdy into a movie

Lena Dunham will turn the Newbery Award-winning Catherine, Called Birdy into a movie. Dunham and her producing partner (and BFF) Jenni Konner own the rights to Karen Cushman’s 1994 novel about a 13th-century 12-year-old whose diary details her quest to scare off potential suitors. Dunham says she’ll ideally direct the adaptation from her own screenplay, though she told a New York crowd on Friday that first she “just needs to find someone who wants to fund a PG-13 medieval movie.” Dunham also told the crowd that she’s been obsessed with the book since she was a kid, saying that while “it’s full of incest and beatings,” it’s still “hyper-realistic and really pretty” for a children’s story.

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