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Illustration for article titled Lena Dunham to produce HBO doc about Brooklyn’s LGBTQ tailor

There’s a lot to make fun of about Brooklyn, but there are also some positive things going on in the world capital of gourmet mayonnaise. For example, there’s Bindle & Keep, a bespoke tailor that specializes in fitting custom suits for LGBTQ people—an experience that can reportedly be very significant for customers who don’t identify with traditional gender binaries.


Now a documentary is in the works about Bindle & Keep’s operations, thanks to Lena Dunham’s A Casual Romance Productions. According to Vanity Fair, the documentary will follow transgender Bindle & Spoke customers through the suit-making process, interviewing them about the ever-changing complexities of their gender identities as they go. Dunham announced via Twitter yesterday that she and Girls executive producer Jenni Konner will produce for HBO; Girls sound department veteran Jason Benjamin is set to direct, with acclaimed documentary cinematographer Robert Richman behind the camera.

[via Entertainment Weekly]

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