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Lena Dunham to host BuzzFeed’s new Women Of The Hour podcast

Perhaps inspired by Lena Dunham’s Lenny newsletter for “like-minded intellectually curious women and the people who love them,” BuzzFeed is launching a new podcast with women guests discussing topics like “love, sex, work, bodies, friendship and more” that will be hosted by…Lena Dunham.

Rather than enumerate these women’s accomplishments with gifs in a listicle, the Women Of The Hour podcast will feature Dunham talking with newsmakers, entertainers, and activists such as Janet Mock, Emma Stone, and the Radical Monarchs, an organization for young girls who want to explore social justice issues. The Girls star will lead her guests through conversations about creativity, productivity, body image, and yeah sure, friendship.


Other guests include author Zadie Smith, former BuzzFeed writer Ashley C. Ford, and the hosts of BuzzFeed’s Another Round podcast, Tracy Clayton and Heben Nigatu. There will be five episodes on five topics—Amy Sedaris will reportedly explain her friendship with designer Todd Oldham—with bonus material that includes “radio drama,” and a conversation between Dunham and her poet sister, Grace.

Full episodes will be available on iTunes beginning November 5. Here’s a preview of Dunham’s disembodied voice, which does manage to plug the paperback release of her book.

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