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Lena Dunham to guest star on The Simpsons

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Adding to the large and ever-growing annals of “Homer and Marge have marriage troubles” episodes—and celebrity guest stars, we guess—Entertainment Weekly reports that Lena Dunham will guest star as Homer’s twentysomething love interest on an upcoming episode of The Simpsons. Dunham will appear on the season 27 premiere, “Every Man’s Dream,” as a pharmacist who ends up becoming Homer’s new girlfriend after a quintessentially Simpsons-esque series of events involving narcolepsy medication and a trial separation from Marge.

Simpsons executive producer Al Jean tells EW that although the character, Candace, was written specifically for Dunham, she will not be playing herself, or however much of herself is in Girls’ Hannah Horvath. But, he adds, it’s that funny, intellectual, slightly awkward, endearing tone that everybody’s familiar with, so we were just writing it with her voice in our heads.” (Candace also has tattoos, apparently, although whether those tattoos are based on children’s book illustrations is unknown.) In an attempt to reassure viewers unsure about this simultaneously gimmicky and formulaic turn of events, Jean adds, “For those who are sick of marriage crisis episodes, it goes in a completely different direction than any before.” So they are aware that they’re reusing the same plot lines over and over, at least.

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