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Lena Dunham’s crew of Girls will join her on The Simpsons

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In a perfect storm of retreads, the season 27 premiere of The Simpsons will feature marital discord, guest stars as hipsters, and Lena Dunham as every man’s dream. You know, that old gag.


Now Dunham’s coterie of Girls will join her in voicing characters for an episode that will yet again be about how Marge and Homer shouldn’t still be married at this point. Dunham plays Candace, “a young, funny pharmacist” who meets and presumably subsequently tempts Homer when he gets a prescription filled (that’s not a euphemism). Her Girls co-stars Alison Williams, Zosia Mamet, and Jemima Kirke will fill in as Candace’s friends, a.k.a. Patty and Selma: The New Class.

If there is a shocking element, it won’t be the Simpsons getting divorced (check), or Homer’s affections straying, albeit briefly, (check) because he feels misunderstood (and check?). It’s that trained professional (radio personality) Laura Ingraham will be on hand to declare the Simpson marriage over.

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