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Lena Dunham raps in self-parodying pro-Clinton PSA

Sensual Pantsuit Anthem (Screenshot: Funny Or Die)

Let it never be said that Lena Dunham is oblivious to her own controversial public image. On the contrary, the writer-director-actress of Girls is hyper-aware of herself and of what people think of her. That shines through in “Sensual Pantsuit Anthem (Official Rapped Music Video),” an intentionally awkward new pro-Hillary Clinton PSA Dunham has made for Funny Or Die. It begins with an informal brunch attended by Dunham’s “friends,” all of whom are there purely for monetary gain. But even her eager-to-please employees are wary when Dunham herself appears and declares her intention to deliver a political message through the medium of “rapped music.” It’s a terrible idea, but Dunham presses onward with a full-fledged music video, even recruiting musical ringers Charlamagne Tha God and Cynthia Erivo.


SENSUAL PANTSUIT ANTHEM (Official Rapped Music Video) from Funny Or Die

The results are not good, but that’s by design. By the end, Dunham has to ask, “I wonder if I’m actually hurting her chances of winning?”

This isn’t the first time Dunham has proved herself comically inept at rapping. When she hosted SNL back in 2014, she appeared in a sketch called “What’s Poppin’,” which featured her as a member of a clueless, pseudo-hip-hop ensemble called That’s A Rap. The group foolishly congratulated itself in song, chanting, “This is an example of great rap!” “Sensual Pantsuit Anthem” is decidedly not an example of great rap, and no one knows that better than Dunham herself.

[via Vulture]


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