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Lena Dunham is joining American Horror Story season 7

Ryan Murphy has just announced a high-profile new addition to his roving crew of American Horror Story stars, tweeting today that Lena Dunham is joining the horror anthology for its upcoming seventh season. It’s not clear what role the Girls creator will play in the show’s seventh outing—whether she’ll be acting, writing, directing, or producing—but one thing is certain: People will probably be extremely angry about her coming aboard.


Murphy has yet to confirm a topic or title for AHS season 7, although he did release a creepy picture of a bunch of bees the other day. Maybe Lena Dunham will be their queen? Or get stung a bunch, My Girl(s!) style? There’s really no way to know, at least not until Murphy releases another one of his cryptic, insect-filled tweets. (Or, ya know, tomorrow, when Murphy says the title will officially be released.)

[via Variety]

UPDATE: The Hollywood Reporter reached out to Dunham’s reps; apparently she’ll be appearing on a single episode of the show’s next season. (Please note that this doesn’t discount any of our previous theories about the bees.)

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