Lena Dunham is living Hannah Horvath’s dream. She’s already got a show, an online newsletter, and a book, and now she’ll have a publishing imprint as well. According to Buzzfeed, the Girls creator/writer/director/star is partnering with Girls writer Jenni Konner to establish a new publishing imprint at Random House, which also published Dunham’s memoir Not That Kind Of Girl in 2014. Besides their work on Girls, Dunham and Konner already collaborate on the biweekly feminist newsletter Lenny Letter. Also called “Lenny,” the new publishing imprint will feature new voices in fiction and nonfiction selected by Dunham and Konner, who have already been publishing emerging writers through Lenny Letter.

Dunham explained the vision for Lenny to Buzzfeed:

While we love our home on the internet, Jenni and I are both voracious readers (of books and book reviews) who are constantly trading titles and allowing them to stir us creatively. Our friendship often doubles as a book club. We feel like the Lenny voice lends itself to a diverse list of authors and we are so excited to work with Random House–they get our mission completely. Lenny books will aspire to push the ball forward on the issues that matter to our audience, with wit and style. We hope to see them sticking out of purses and riding public transportation everywhere.