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Lena Dunham gives very Lena Dunham-esque advice on YouTube

To prepare for the release of her advice-filled book on September 30, Lena Dunham has joined the ranks of celebrity role models like Amy Poehler and launched her own YouTube channel where she dispenses advice to young(er) girls. The audience for this thing, which includes sequences of Dunham dancing with and without her dog in front of a whimsically illustrated fake “office,” is going to be extremely self-selecting, so anyone inclined to make mean jokes about Dunham’s weight (not that she cares) should click away now.

Ok, now that the trolls are gone, here’s a selection from Dunham’s 12-part advice series, offering genuine and heartfelt advice based on her own experiences with bullies, OCD, sex (good and bad), death, jealousy, dressing provocatively, being loud, and other quintessentially Lena Dunham-esque topics.

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