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As befits the legacy of a the fallen king of heavy metal, Motörhead frontman Lemmy will receive a tribute at this year’s Grammys, as performed by a bunch of guys in spooky eye makeup and goofy hats who like to pretend that they’re creatures of the night. Yes, Johnny Depp, Alice Cooper, and Joe Perry—also known as the totally spookifying Hollywood Vampires—have been tapped to deliver the award ceremony’s paean to one of the hardest-rocking men in the history of heavy metal, presumably as some form of deeply reverent irony.

The group hasn’t announced which Motörhead song they’ll play at the ceremony, but they did say they’ll be also debuting a new original track, “As Bad As I Am,” at the show. (The idea, we assume, being to demonstrate in the clearest way possible that the spirit of rock has officially departed the Earth.) Lemmy died last December from complications related to multiple health problems, including cancer. Over the course of his long career he—and Motörhead—won a single Grammy, 2005’s Best Metal Performance, for their cover of Metallica’s “Whiplash.”

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