With a direct sequel to The Lego Movie already in the works for 2017, Warner Bros. announced today that it will bridge the gap between master-builder adventures by mixing in some pieces from another Lego set. The martial-arts themed Ninjago line will be the next Lego property to reverse the previous trend of movie-to-interlocking-brick adaptations, with a big-screen treatment due September 23, 2016. Based on the ancient scrolls of Lego’s discontinued Ninja line (only with more “go”), the characters of Ninjago have already starred in their own Cartoon Network series, in which they defend their homeland against threats from the snake-like Serpentine, skeleton-like Skulkin, and the hurting-like-real-bad-who-left-these-Lego-pieces-all-over-the-floor dad’s foot. Also: There are dragons, mythical flyings beasts that had to be included because there was already an on-brand “go” embedded in their name.