Following in the footsteps of Back To The Future, Ghostbusters, and The Simpsons, Lego has announced that it’s going to make a set based on another beloved pop-culture institution that we must all now agree is just as good as those three things—after all, it wouldn’t deserve a Lego set if it weren’t, right? Anyway, it’s The Big Bang Theory. Lego is making a Big Bang Theory set.

The set will be part of the Lego Ideas program (formerly Lego Cuusoo), which allows Lego fans to design their own sets and then let other people vote on them. Ideas that get over 10,000 votes will be reviewed by Lego, and then they have a chance of being made into an actual limited edition set. So, in a way, it’s like Kickstarter crossed with those White House petitions.


The Big Bang Theory set—which was designed by people calling themselves Alatariel and GlenBricker—actually had some stiff competition among the other sets that also got 10,000 votes, including an Apple Store, the flying train from Back To The Future 3, some educational bird models, and two Doctor Who sets. Only the bird models and Big Bang Theory made the cut, though, proving once and for all that learning about birds and laughing at/with nerds are the most popular things in the world. In Lego’s announcement video, the company did suggest that one of the Doctor Who sets could still make the cut, though, so there’s no need to start a White House petition about that yet. Also, we don’t know when the final designs for the Big Bang Theory set or bird models will be revealed—or when the sets themselves will be released—but it will probably be within a few months.

Check out Lego’s announcement video below for more information about the process of choosing what makes it through the Lego Ideas program, and also a tease of what projects will be eligible for the next review period in January. We really want that enormous AT-AT. Wink wink.

[via /Film]