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Lego bricks create nightmares in a grisly new serial killer photo series

(All Photos: Juhamatti Vahdersalo)

This is a pretty cool moment in pop culture, one in which fans are being gifted with alternate Lego versions of many of their favorite franchises. There’s Lego Batman, Lego Star Wars, Lego Back To The Future, and Lego Ghostbusters. One property that, for unknown reasons, we have not yet seen is Lego American Psycho. Which is unfortunate, because a naked Lego man running down a dark hallway with a tiny chainsaw seems like a million dollar idea. The good news is that Finnish photographer Juhamatti Vahdersalo has decided to pick up some of that Lego slack with his new photo series in which he builds and shoots macabre serial killer dioramas with bits and pieces of different sets of the plastic bricks in an effort to stick an ice pick into the heart of our collective childhood.


“I like to play with discordant feelings and I thought putting familiar toys [into] dark scenarios will make you look and think twice about it,” Vahdersalo said of the project, probably while tapping his fingers together menacingly.

Before Vahdersalo pulls his arm out of its socket patting himself on the back for this act of playtime subversion, he should probably keep in mind that a recent study found that Lego sets have been growing increasingly violent over the past four decades. Something like this was bound to happen eventually.


There’s a lot more to see on Vahdersalo’s Flickr page. Just remember: If you’re heading over there with a child, it’s your responsibility to explain the importance of properly cleaning cutlery after use so it doesn’t rust. These kids are impressionable; we wouldn’t want to fill their heads up with a bunch of unsavory ideas.

[via Vox]


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