The Lego Batman Movie (Image: Warner Bros.)

The new Justice League footage is a less serious than anything in Batman V Superman: Dawn Of Justice, but that’s not really saying much. If it’s still too serious for you, though, it sounds like The Lego Batman Movie will prove once again just how versatile the Dark Knight can really be. Lego Batman director Chris McKay underlined this point during Warner Bros.’ Comic-Con panel, explaining that he wants the movie to be “About A Boy as directed by Michael Mann.”

That’s an appropriate comparison, considering that the panel also showed off some new footage that featured the introduction of Michael Cera’s Lego Robin, who reportedly annoys Batman by repeatedly calling him “Dad.” The footage also featured a Lego Barbara Gordon, who Batman introduced as his “platonic bat-friend,” an especially weird line given that Killing Joke stuff. There was even a new trailer, which hasn’t been officially released online yet.


On top of that, Warner Bros. released some new images from the movie earlier this week, including our first look at Cera’s Robin (up above), Zach Galifianakis’ Joker, and a more traditional take on Harley Quinn.