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Lego Batman Movie's Chris McKay to direct live-action Jonny Quest adaptation

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Watch out, The Venture Bros.: Somebody else is trying to make Jonny Quest relevant again. According to Deadline, Chris McKay has been tapped to direct a live-action version of the classic Hanna-Barbera cartoon, and while we don’t know anything about what Warner Bros. is planning here, the fact that McKay previously directed the kid-friendly Lego Batman Movie means this will also probably be similarly kid-friendly. You know what that means, parents: It’s finally time to sit your kids down and tell them what Jonny Quest was, because unless they’re fans of the aforementioned Venture brothers, they almost certainly have never heard of Jonny Quest.


In case you also need a refresher, the original series aired in the ‘60s and centered around a little boy, his adopted brother Hadji, his scientist father Benton, and their bodyguard Race as they went on adventures. Any one of those roles could be played by Dwayne Johnson, Channing Tatum, or Chris Pratt, so McKay should just throw all three of them in there with some kid playing either Jonny or Hadji.

As a side note, this probably means that the Jonny Quest movie Robert Rodriguez was working on a few years ago has been replaced with whatever this will be.

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