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Justin Bieber caused quite a commotion by posting a photo on Instagram of himself standing on a boat, gazing out upon a too-blue sea. And, oh yeah, he wasn’t wearing any clothes. The pic of his naked butt has since been taken off of his own account, but it immediately inspired a meme account called #turnaroundjustin, which includes, of course, a photo of butt-loving Tina Belcher appreciating the singer’s sculpted ass.

Lego artist Iain Heath has done his part for the cause and ensured that the Bieber butt will live on the in form of a Lego recreation. Heath explained his process to Mashable, saying “It’s pretty much all one model taken in one shot, from the deck to the tiny forced-perspective mountains and boats, and Lego baseplates for ocean.”


The recreation even nails Bieber’s tattooed arm. “To give Lego Bieber some ‘ink’ like his counterpart, I even found a printed tile from an old Desert Adventures Lego set with some hieroglyphics on it!” Heath explains. This guy is thorough.

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