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Legion’s Noah Hawley signs on for two feature films

Photo: David Livingston/Getty Images

Noah Hawley’s generated a lot of buzz—and deservedly so—with his adaptations of Fargo and Legion. But even though he’s got a great thing going at FX, the TV vet is making the transition to the big screen. Deadline reports that Hawley has signed on to direct two feature films for Fox Searchlight (okay, so he didn’t have to travel far). Hawley is developing a sci-fi film, Pale Blue Dot, which Reese Witherspoon is producing along with Bruna Papandrea. Witherspoon will also play the lead, an astronaut who “unravels” when she returns to Earth from her outer space adventures. The other film is inspired by the Lake Pleasant Bodies Case from the ’70s, in which attorney-client privilege was weighed against the public good. Spoiler: it lost, but a murderer was eventually convicted. But that’s just the real-life ethical drama that Hawley will bring to film through his production company, 26 Keys. It’s not mutants or Minnesota, but it does all sound rather gripping.


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