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Legion adds Terrace House's Lauren Tsai for season three

Illustration for article titled iLegion /iadds iTerrace House/is Lauren Tsai for season three em/em
Photo: Nicholas Hunt (Getty Images for Marc Jacobs)

Thanks to Variety, we have our first bit of news about the third season of Noah Hawley’s trippy, X-Men-adjacent series Legion, with the site reporting that Lauren Tsai has joined the cast as a young mutant named Switch whose special “secret ability” might be “the key to executing David Haller’s plan.” That doesn’t tell us a whole lot, but with Legion being as weird as it is, it probably wouldn’t help much even if it did tell us a whole lot. As for Tsai, this will be her first TV acting role, but she’s an artist and model who is probably best known for appearing in the Japanese reality show Terrace House: Aloha State. That may not mean anything to most people, but it must be very exciting for the handful of extremely dedicated fans that Terrace House has in the United States.

Legion ended its second season on shaky ground, with protagonist David Haller seemingly crossing a very important line with his immeasurably vast psychic powers. Maybe this plan Haller has involves using Switch’s secret powers to undo that bad stuff? We’ll have to wait until later this year to find out.

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