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Legends Of Tomorrow clocks in its time-traveling supervillain

Casper Crump in Talenttyven

If it seems like only yesterday we were reporting on the casting of Hawkman in The CW’s upcoming superhero spinoff Legends Of Tomorrow, that’s because it was. And now that the main group of heroes have all been cast, it’s time to turn to the bad guys, whose cackles are more maniacal and mustaches are twirlier. According to The Hollywood Reporter, the show has cast Danish actor Casper Crump as time-traveling DC supervillain Vandal Savage.

Judging by the trailer, Savage looks to be the primary antagonist of the first season, a guy who “commands the most powerful army the world has ever seen.” In comics lore, he’s a 6,000-year-old immortal who’s been hatching a very slow-burn plan for world domination. He hasn’t been seen on either Arrow or The Flash (the CW petri dishes for all Legends’ other characters) yet, but Savage has appeared before in DC animated series. Crump’s take on the bad guy will debut in the midseason crossover episodes of the two shows, before taking his place as the dominant nemesis on Legends Of Tomorrow. Plus, you know he’s bad, because his first name literally means guy who causes property damage, while his last name suggests he does so in an especially brutal way, such that defaced billboards and tags ripped off mattresses don’t even know what hit them.


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