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Legends Of Tomorrow adds another member of the Justice Society Of America


At the end of its first season finale, The CW’s Legends Of Tomorrow shook up its time-traveling superheroes premise with the introduction of a second time machine crashing into the ground right in front of the main characters. A man stepped out and introduced himself as Rex Tyler—better known as the superhero Hourman—and the show officially dipped its toe into the world of DC’s first super-team, the Justice Society Of America. Hourman’s appearance seemed to suggest that season two of Legends would dive deeper into the JSA, and now a casting announcement further backs that up.

According to Deadline, 90210 veteran Nick Zano has been cast as Dr. Nate Heywood, the grandson of an old JSA member called Commander Steel. Nate Heywood is a rather new addition to the JSA ranks, but in the comics he eventually becomes “a being made of living steel” who goes by the name Citizen Steel. Deadline says Legends’ producers “are being ambiguous” about whether or not this guy will become a superhero, but it seems pretty safe to assume that he will.


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