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Legendary Pictures is making an adaptation of Life Is Strange

Life Is Strange

Developer Dontnod Entertainment’s Life Is Strange video game doesn’t have the immediate blockbuster appeal of something like, say, Tom Clancy’s The Division, but The Hollywood Reporter is reporting that Legendary Pictures has picked up the rights to adapt Life Is Strange into a digital series. Still, even though Life Is Strange isn’t about shooting people and getting better tools to shoot people with, its plot does sound like it’ll make for an intriguing adaptation—even if it is better suited for a game.

Basically, the Life Is Strange game is about a teenage girl who has time travel powers, and she uses her powers to save her friend from getting murdered. Things spiral out of control from there, and the girl has to use her powers more often to try and stop a killer and right some wrongs she inadvertently causes. The game also emphasizes the ways that the player’s choices can impact the world, but unless Legendary pushes for some kind of revolutionary voting system, the adaptation will probably cut that whole element out.


The project is pretty early on, so no real details are available beyond that, but anyone interested in checking out the game can download the first episode for free.

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