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"Legalize It" say the creators of The Wire

You, reader, fall into two camps: Those devoted to HBO's The Wire—known around here as the greatest accomplishment in the history of television, and no, we're not joking—and those who should be devoted to The Wire. The show ends its five-season run on Sunday, so there's just enough time for the second group to catch up.

Anyway, we'll be buzzing with Wire coverage next week, so stay tuned: We have an interview with creator David Simon on Monday, and an interview with Michael Kenneth Williams (a.k.a. Omar Little) on Tuesday. And of course, Scott Tobias will provide a wrap-up of the final episode no later than Monday morning.

But to the headline of this story: Simon and his merry band of disgruntled writers have penned a terrific editorial on the drug war, which is currently running in Time. Read it here. In short, Mssrs. Simon, Pelecanos, Burns, Price, and Lehane—yes, the respected novelists you're thinking of—suggest that people of conscience who serve on juries at drug trials should vote to acquit, no matter what the evidence. And they make a damn good case. Hamsterdam forever!

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