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Lee Pace gets to be in Guardians Of The Galaxy after all

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While Lee Pace was among the many actors who reportedly lost out on the role of Star-Lord in Marvel’s Guardians Of The Galaxy, he may have found some consolation in landing another part that’s neither talking tree nor raccoon. The Wrap reports Pace is in final talks to play the film’s villain—a character whose identity is still being kept a secret, because that’s how you build advance buzz for a film that won’t be out for another year. Some, like Latino Review, have already averred that the former Pushing Daisies star will be playing Basil Sandhurst, better known as The Controller, the Thanos henchman who’s mastered mind control with the help of his specially designed helmet and a whole lot of moxie. Others, like The A.V. Club, have speculated that Pace will play the fearsome Doctor Eyebrows, a character we just made up. “I see your strategic gambit and raise—my eyebrows!” Doctor Eyebrows will shout, as his eyebrows bristle and shoot lasers or something.


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