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Lee Pace used to be one of those “Hey, I know that guy” actors, but he’s rapidly transcending that level. Now that he’s been in a superhero movie—as Ronan The Accuser in Guardians Of The Galaxy—he has reached a point where people can have fights about what they know him from. Some newcomers to the world of Lee Pace might know him from The Hobbit movies. Hipper Pace fans will know him as the guy from The Fall or Pushing Daisies. Some people might even think of him as the guy from Halt And Catch Fire for some reason.


Soon, though, it won’t matter what you know him from, because he’ll just be in everything. The latest step in his quest for cinematic domination is Prisoner Of War, a sci-fi thriller about two people trying to stop an alien invasion in Africa. According to Deadline, the movie focuses on “an American soldier” and “a French foreign aid worker,” so Pace is presumably playing one of those. He’s co-starring with Skyfall’s Bérénice Marlohe, though, and she’s actually from France, so she probably has the French part locked up. Luckily, the American soldier character is described—by us, right now—as having “enormous eyebrows.” It’s the part he was born to play!

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