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Common is really going to regret leaving Oprah’s high-five hanging now as Empire creator Lee Daniels tells Access Hollywood that both the Oscar-winning actor/rapper and Queen of All Media are set to appear as guest stars on the series’ second season. Of course, if Oprah is now deigning to appear as a guest star on other peoples’ shows, that may mean that her power has diminished since she quit her daytime talk show to focus on her OWN network in 2011. But then again, Oprah still has a personal net worth of $3 billion, more than enough to pay a legion of hired goons to, say, go around playing hilarious-but-embarrassing pranks on Common on the Empire set as Oprah sits in a custom fur-lined director’s chair in the background, laughing. And who is Lee Daniels to stop all this? Not a billionaire, certainly.


Anyway, Daniels says he’s written parts specifically for both Oprah and Common. “Oh yeah, for sure. For absolutely sure. We’re gonna have a good time,” he tells Access Hollywood. “You heard that first.” Mo’Nique, presumably, is not invited.

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