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Lee Daniels’ girl-group series has lost its showrunner

(Screengrab: Star trailer/YouTube)

Lee Daniels hasn’t quite reached Greg Berlanti-levels of productivity—on the small screen, that is—but the director of Precious and The Butler has been hard at work on multiple music-based series. Hot off the success of Empires first season, Daniels announced last year that he was developing Star, a girl-group series based in Atlanta. The show has its main cast in place, including Queen Latifah and Benjamin Bratt, and might even get an Empire crossover down the road. Production’s just hit a big snag, though, as TV Line reports that showrunner Charles Murray (Sons Of Anarchy, The Queen Latifah Show) has dropped out of the series over creative differences.

The parting is described as “amicable,” and the result of “different visions” for the show. Daniels and head writer Tom Donaghy are already in the processing of replacing Murray. Star is still expected to premiere during the 2016-2017 season, in its regular time slot of Wednesdays at 9 p.m. ET. Here’s the trailer for the rags-to-riches story, in which Lenny Kravitz and his accessories will also play a significant role.

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