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Illustration for article titled LeBron James will enter his iSpace Jam /iphase by co-starring in a comedy with Kevin Hart

Miami Heat star and bane of Cleveland’s existence LeBron James has broken through his championship drought over the past two NBA seasons, leaving him with fewer career milestones left on the way to cementing his place as this generation’s Michael Jordan. (Even if he plays more like Magic Johnson anyway.) But His Airness also has a pop-culture legacy in 1997’s Space Jam, and now James will continue to follow Jordan’s path by co-starring in the upcoming comedy Ballers with Kevin Hart.


Hart will also co-write the script with Chris Spencer (Nick Cannon’s Wild ‘n Out), as well as frequent collaborators Harry Ratchford and Joey Wells. He'll play the brother to James’ NBA superstar, a Kevin Hart-sized guy who “gets a chance to prove himself when he and some friends attend a weekend fantasy basketball camp.” The "brother" premise sounds a bit like the Chris Paul ad campaign for State Farm, and it'll surely be played for broad hijinks, with the diminutive Hart providing enough cartoonish facial expression to make up for the lack of Bugs Bunny. Should James decide he wants to continue his pursuit of acting, might we suggest The Tragedy Of King James The First?

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