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LeBron James reignites Space Jam sequel rumors by being an okay actor

Pretend Amy Schumer is Bugs Bunny and you've got the idea

Displaying “Rust Cohle” levels of dedication to a sequel to a movie that, depending on your age bracket, you may be remembering as better than it really was, the internet is once again getting itself all worked up about Space Jam. /Film has rounded up the latest round of evidence in this quixotic descent into Tune Madness, which, as with previous incarnations of this rumor, centers on LeBron James. Let’s examine the evidence:

Exhibit A: James signed a deal with Warner Bros. yesterday to produce film, TV, and digital content for the studio.


Exhibit B: Capital New York’s Alex Weprin pointed out on Twitter yesterday that last month Warner Bros. filed new trademarks for Space Jam:

Exhibit C: Back in February of last year, Warner Bros.—see, it’s all coming together—announced that it was working on a Space Jam sequel with Charlie and Willie Ebersol, sons of the broadcasting legend, working on a script. Nothing much seems to have happened since then; James’ reps denied his involvement at the time, and Space Jam producer Ivan Reitman said the project had stalled when he was asked about it last April. But that was before our next piece of evidence…

Exhibit D: LeBron James was not bad in Trainwreck.

So there you go, everybody. LeBron James in a Space Jam sequel, with Nicki Minaj as Lola Bunny. We’re calling it now.


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