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After proving he has what it takes to create ridiculous TV, LeBron James is getting back into the comedy business by moving to yet another faraway place, this time the cable outland of Starz. Entertainment Weekly reports that James has partnered with former Cosby Show producer Tom Werner to “create a sitcom that will touch on something he knows a lot about”—being so incredibly self-aggrandizing to the point where you believe every facet of your life makes for fascinating television, as well as Survivor’s Remorse.


The title refers to the feelings experienced by the show’s loosely autobiographical characters: two kids from inner city Philadelphia, born and raised, who—upon leaving the playground where they spent most of their days, and seeing their lives get flipped-turned upside down by fame—experience guilt as they look at their kingdom, finally there, to sit on their throne as the guys who are vessels for the humorous life observations of LeBron James. The show also shares some thematic parallels with Entourage, in that it concerns people being handed things because they’re famous.

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