The Big Lebowski

In news that might shock Big Lebowski fans who have never actually seen the movie and have been lying about liking it this whole time, the founder of Lebowski Fest was arrested over the weekend after police allegedly caught him smoking pot in a bowling alley parking lot.

Will Russell was on his way to attend a bowling party thrown in honor of the 13th annual event in Louisville, Kentucky over the weekend when he was approached by police; according to The Louisville Courier-Journal, Russell initially challenged officers by clenching his fists, then apologized when they actually placed him under arrest. Russell was charged with marijuana possession, resisting arrest, and menacing before being released. Whether the words “this aggression will not stand, man” were uttered during the encounter, and if the cops involved subsequently got the joke, is unknown. But, in the spirit of his idol, shortly thereafter Russell posted on his Facebook page, “Don’t worry. Be happy for me.” As the Dude himself once said: