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Learn about the races of Star Wars with this hilariously “accurate” guide

We’re not going to lie: This rundown of the various alien races of the Star Wars universe by “Mouth Sounds creator Neil Cicierega (in the guise of “GeorgeLucasFan1”) starts out pretty rough. Cicierega’s breathy nerd voice grates, and it takes a while for him to get to all the information about Woodies, Ebooks, and Tuckskin Rikers (a.k.a. Gun Mummies) that Star Wows fans so desperately crave. But the longer Cicierega goes, applying his impeccable pronunciations to tricky-to-say races like the Humps, the Bilfs, and of course the Germans, the more informative the video becomes. Soon, you’ll be shaking with informedness, filled to the brim with the kind of name-knowing confidence that would serve you well while hanging out in the Mos Iceland Container Store on Tattoo Parlor, in a galaxy far, far ago.

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