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“Leaked invitation” for Trump’s inauguration shows what a great time was had by all

Screenshot: Funny And Share

Donald Trump’s Inauguration Day has come and gone, but while debates about the crowd size linger (in Trump’s mind at least), it’s fair to say the event lacked the panache of previous presidential inaugurations. To put it another way: Barack Obama had Beyoncé and Yo-Yo Ma, Trump had 3 Doors Down and a handful of Rockettes. But that didn’t stop Trump from selling the event as “a very, very elegant day.” And this absurdist video from the YouTube channel Funny And Share sums up the tenor of Trump’s inauguration quite nicely.

Billed as a “leaked” version of Trump’s inauguration invite, the video features graphics that are positively high-tech by early ’80s standards and a soundtrack that would work equally well for a low-budget infomercial. Although the video edits together various audio clips to make Trump seem even more incoherent than usual, some of the stranger moments are actually real. For instance, while delivering prepared remarks at his first press conference, Trump actually rambled, “We have great talent, tremendous talent. And we have all of the bands, or most of the bands from the different… from the different segments of the military.”


The other running gag in the video involves “Michael Cone” a.k.a. Trump’s lawyer Michael Cohen, who bizarrely tweeted a photo of his passport as proof that BuzzFeed’s “golden showers” dossier story was fake. Here Cohen is reimagined as a party entertainer who dresses like a giant traffic cone. To be honest, that sounds a lot better than anything the Trump administration has going for it right now.

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