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As James Murphy has been hinting ever since the release of last year’s This Is Happening, LCD Soundsystem is packing it in soon, with the band hoping to go out on top as well as prevent The A.V. Club from writing any more about it. Today details have emerged on LCD’s last hurrah, which was announced over the weekend via the group’s official website as taking place April 2 at Madison Square Garden. According to a press release, the show—billed as “LCD Soundsystem: The Long Goodbye”—will be the “final, definitive, and ultimate LCD show,” unfolding over three hours and comprising “the lengthiest, most career-spanning set the band has ever played.” That means plenty of deep cuts that haven’t been heard in a while, and some first (and last) live performances of stuff that’s never made it to the stage from all of the band’s albums and singles—and yes, that includes the Nike-commissioned 45:33.


To pull it off, the band has roped in a choir, string and horn sections, and will be bringing in various “one-time-only” special guests, as well as other artists they’ve worked with over the years. And if all that weren’t special enough, the band will be “observing a black-and-white-only dress code,” and they’ve asked that the audience do the same. To top it off, recently reunited post-punk legends Liquid Liquid will open. So while bittersweet, if LCD have to leave, at least they’re doing it right. Tickets go on sale Feb. 11, and will definitely sell out fast.

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