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LCD Soundsystem is playing new songs tonight, begging people not to film them

(Photo: Rick Kern/Getty Images)

LCD Soundsystem is kicking off a five-day residency in Brooklyn tonight, ahead of some festival appearances and a hypothetical album release in the near-ish future. People have been wondering whether this run of shows—at East Williamsburg’s Brooklyn Steel—would feature any new material, and now frontman James Murphy appears to have confirmed it, in a note begging people not to record tonight’s shows.

“Please don’t film the old songs,” it begins. “We already made a whole movie out of those and you’re not gonna find a ‘better angle’ with your iPhone than Spike Jonze found with his camera.” The letter goes on to ask, “Please don’t film the new songs. It’d be a real gutpunch to all the people who have been working insanely hard for the last 18 months to release this music in the way we want to release it.”


So, yeah, there’ll be new LCD Soundsystem music tonight, and all that’s stopping people from hearing it is human decency (and presumably a team of security people snatching attendees’ phones). Our dark, cynical hearts are expecting to see grainy cellphone footage start popping up online within minutes of when the show begins.

[via Pitchfork]

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