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Lawsuit claims Michael Jackson didn’t sing on one of his posthumous albums

It’s common knowledge that everyone leaves behind a vast work of unreleased masterpieces when they die. Whether it’s J.D. Salinger or Tupac, the world will always uncover two or three or four more books or songs that the deceased person never got a chance to finish. It’s one of the magical wonders of life. One Michael Jackson fan, however, is choosing to not believe in that magical wonder.

As reported by TMZ (via Death And Taxes), a Los Angeles woman has filed a class action lawsuit against the Michael Jackson estate. She believes that three songs off of his first posthumous album, Michael, were actually sung by a sound-alike. She reportedly went as far as hiring an “audio expert,” who looked at the tracks—“Breaking News,” “Monster,” and “Keep Your Head Up”—and determined that “it was very likely” that Michael Jackson didn’t actually sing on them.


Jackson’s estate, of course, denies it, but we have to admit that this would be a pretty sweet con if it’s true. Michael Jackson was a famously private person, so there’s no telling what kind of crazy shit he might have been working on before he died. As long as his family is careful about not pushing it too far, they could just keep it going forever by pretending that they’re digging out unreleased tracks every few years. But that would be crazy, his family would never milk his legacy by slapping his name on a bunch of stuff like that.

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