During a recent Law & Order marathon, Malkah Duprix was struck by how the often the show’s characters are fucking chewing on something. Everybody’s gotta eat, of course. But Law & Order’s ubiquitous, almost obsessive depiction of down-and-dirty mastication adds an extra layer of realism (plus a few mustard stains) to the show’s crime-drama sandwich. Naturally, Duprix took to Tumblr and launched Law & Order & Food: a smorgasbord of unaltered images featuring various L&O actors stuffing their faces onscreen. From Chris Noth noshing hot dogs to the late Jerry Orbach unhinging his jaw to devour, well, everything, Law & Order & Food shows that no calorie was spared in making L&O a gritty beacon of bacon-flavored verisimilitude. It’s enough to make you hungry for justice. And take-out.