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Laurence Fishburne says Marvel is kicking DC’s ass, but he did like Batman V Superman

Batman V Superman: Dawn Of Justice

Whenever you have a “superheroes fighting other superheroes” storyline, the whole thing pretty much rests on why the heroes are fighting and what will make them stop fighting. In Zack Snyder’s Batman V Superman, the impetus for the fighting is that Lex Luthor manipulated Bruce Wayne to convince him that Superman was a terrible, destructive force, and the reason that they ultimately stopped fighting is that Batman discovered that his mom had the same name as Superman’s mom. It’s a pretty flimsy reason, and the speed at which it convinces Batman to stop trying to kill the guy he’s spent the whole movie trying to kill could put the Flash to shame, but it turns out that it’s not as universally derided as some corners of the internet may have led you to believe.

Apparently, Laurence Fishburne—who played Superman’s boss, Perry White, in both Batman V Superman and Man Of Steel—thought it was “heartwarming.” That comes from an LA Times interview in which he also admits that he could just be feeling “sentimental” about it, but it clearly worked for him either way. That being said, Fishburne doesn’t seem extremely pleased with the direction the DC movies have been going in general. He says he’s been waiting 35 years for the Justice League to show up in a movie, and yet DC’s having trouble making it happen while “Marvel has been kicking their ass.”


Fishburne also says he was asked to make an appearance in Snyder’s Justice League movie, but he couldn’t work it into his schedule. Plus, he wisely recognize that nobody seeing that movie wants to see Perry White, they just want to see the superheroes. (Interestingly, he references Green Lantern as being a hero that people want to see, but as far as anyone knows, Green Lantern isn’t officially part of the upcoming Justice League movie. It could be nothing, or it could be something.)

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