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Laurence Fishburne is now part of Chris Pratt and Jennifer Lawrence’s sci-fi romance

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Passengers, the sci-fi romance starring Chris Pratt and Jennifer Lawrence, is about to get even more sci-fi romantic as The Hollywood Reporter says that Laurence Fishburne is in talks to join the project in an unspecified role. The movie is about a guy (Pratt, we assume) waking up early from his cryogenic sleep on a spaceship that is carrying a bunch of people to a distant planet. He doesn’t want to be alone, though, so he wakes up a second person (Lawrence, we assume). Michael Sheen will also be there, apparently as a British robot of some sort. Fishburne could also be playing a robot, but who needs two robots?

We think it’s more likely that he’ll either be one of the other Passengers on the ship—maybe he’s someone who never wakes up, and we just see his sleep pod in the background. Or maybe he could be Lawrence’s ex-boyfriend, a space pirate who has traveled thousands of space-miles to try and win back her heart. When he realizes that she doesn’t love him anymore, he kidnaps Pratt and tries to force Lawrence to go after him. But no, she’s an independent spacewoman who doesn’t need to be defined by the spaceman she ends up with, so she just flies off to the distant planet with her best friend, the Michael Sheen robot, and together they open a little space-boutique.


Passengers will be in theaters on December 21, 2016, and because the universe is needlessly cruel, it probably won’t be anything like what we described in the previous paragraph.

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