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Lauren Graham joins cast of The Odd Couple remake

Upcoming CBS sitcom The Odd Couple further solidified its reputation as a support group for former NBC stars today, as The Hollywood Reporter announces that Lauren Graham has joined the cast of that show.

In news that surely caused millions to briefly pause streaming season four of Gilmore Girls on Netflix, the former Lorelai has taken the role of Gaby, ex-wife to Matthew Perry’s Oscar. It’s a guest role, with no word on many episodes she’ll appear in, but given that the Gaby and Oscar are described as still maintaining “a deep connection and affection between them,” it seems likely Graham will be around for more than a few. This will be a good thing, as it will give Graham time to recover from the cruel machinations of NBC and its “use-’em-and-lose-’em” attitude towards the actors it romances. (“There, there,” murmurs fellow dumpee Matthew Perry, pulling Graham into a group hug alongside Thomas Lennon, Wendell Pierce, and Yvette Nicole Brown. “This is a safe space.”)


Actually, this will mark the third Matthew Perry show that Graham has guested on, following Studio 60 On The Sunset Strip and Go On. They’ve clearly remained close despite dating briefly, unlike that big jerk NBC. Supportive friend CBS has yet to announce a premiere date for the show, though it did order pizza and offer a shoulder to cry on. Graham’s current show, Parenthood, has five episodes left to air.

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