According to The Hollywood Reporter, Parenthood’s mother-daughter team of Lauren Graham and Mae Whitman are getting back together for a new project. (Today’s theme is “Lauren Graham getting back together with people who used to play her daughter,” by the way.) Said project is an adaptation of The Royal We, a book written by Jessica Morgan and Heather Cocks that tells the story of the romance between someone who is not Kate Middleton and someone who is not Prince William. Sure, the guy is the future King Of England, but the girl is an American living in England. That’s totally different. Also, instead of a “red-headed troublemaking brother,” the prince has a “red-headed troublemaking brother.” It’s almost a totally original setup! Also, as THR notes, Morgan and Cocks are the women behind “the ultra popular fashion blog,” and The Royal We “received warm reviews” upon release.

Graham will be writing the script, with Whitman possibly starring. Both of them are producing, though, so you know there will be a lot of that classic Parenthood banter going on behind the scenes:


“Mom, I wanna be wild and reckless like you were as a kid!”

“No, I was wild and reckless and it ruined my life!”

Because you had me?!”

“Sort of, but also I love you and I want you to marry Scott Porter from Friday Night Lights!


“I love you too, mom!”

They did love each other. It was very sweet. Anyway, how about that Star Wars trailer?