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Laura Prepon will be committed to Orange Is The New Black full time next season

After word broke that Laura Prepon would only be in handful of episodes in the second season of Orange Is The New Black, BuzzFeed—who broke that word in the first place—is now assuring fans that Prepon can’t escape that easily, but will instead remain secure behind the show’s fake bars as a series regular in season three. Of course, Netflix hasn’t officially renewed OITNB yet, given that its second season hasn’t even premiered. But if and when it does, Prepon will reportedly be involved full time, answering what BuzzFeed calls the “tidal wave of viewer sorrow” that greeted the possibility of her leaving—as well as, presumably, Prepon’s realization that she was on a hit television show that had given her heretofore-unimagined credibility, and made her newly popular enough to appear in tabloid rumors as Tom Cruise’s next Scientologist bride. For now, Prepon is believed to be voluntarily committing to at least one of those prisons.


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