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Laura Prepon will appear in four more episodes of Orange Is The New Black, not just one

When news emerged that Laura Prepon might show up in only one episode of Orange Is The New Black’s second season, the overall fan reaction was one of dismay—a general disappointment at Prepon’s reduced presence, combined with a fear that the show’s creators might fill the vacuum with more scenes of Jason Biggs acting all mopey. But now Kate Aurthur of BuzzFeed reports that Prepon will appear in four episodes of season two, dramatically reducing the sophomore season’s mope potential.

Prepon had planned to step away from the series so she would have room in her schedule to direct her first feature film, but after Orange became a breakout success, Prepon discovered she has approximately 300-percent more time for the show than previously thought. Better yet, the plans to wrap up Prepon’s storyline are now on hold, as sources inside the production say that the writers are crafting an open-ended narrative for Alex Vause, Prepon’s toothsome lesbian drug-runner. Furthermore, Prepon is reportedly in negotiations for a continued role on season three, meaning that fans of simulated lesbian prison sex will be able to enjoy plenty more of it in Netflix’s sparkling “Super HD,” presuming they have high-speed Internet connections. Which of course they do, because they’re fans of simulated lesbian prison sex.


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