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While neither the show nor Netflix has yet to offer any official word on Laura Prepon’s reported reduced presence on Orange Is The New Black’s next season, another inside source has snitched to BuzzFeed, who broke the original story. According to them, Prepon will be back for “only one episode of season two to wrap up Alex’s storyline”—far fewer episodes than anyone’s who’s watched the series or looked at Laura Prepon’s IMDB page before she landed this gig might have predicted. Should the report prove to be true, there’s no telling what this means for her character, who was such a central part of the first season. Though it seems safe to say that wrapping up her storyline in a single episode means she’ll suddenly develop extreme progeria and rapidly age 50 years right before our eyes, using whatever brief time she has left to resolve all of her differences with Piper and come to terms with her own troubled upbringing, before finally dissipating into dust. Or maybe she’ll just get stabbed in the shower.


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