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Now that the thunderous shrugs have stopped reverberating from Sunday's Weeds finale, creator Jenji Kohan has moved on to her next series about a woman who finds herself in unlikely criminal circumstances due to drugs, and then presumably behaves horribly while relying on her attractiveness to remain likable. That woman will be Taylor Schilling, who's had previous experience with that sort of thing by starring in Atlas Shrugged: Part I, and who will now lead Kohan's Netflix original series Orange Is The New Black. As previously reported, Orange (based on Piper Kerman's memoir) follows a Brooklyn woman who suddenly finds herself in prison thanks to an old college friend turned drug-runner. Said friend will be played by That '70s Show star Laura Prepon, who was recently released from her own stint in the women's prison that was Are You There Chelsea?. And yes, the dramedy also features an inmate (played by Australian actress Yael Stone) who Deadline reports is "very-not-above servicing her own, ahem, needs—usually with her fellow cons in the shower," so that answers the first and possibly only question anyone has about a women's prison show.


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