When Laura Palmer cryptically told Agent Dale Cooper “I’ll see you again in 25 years” in the final episode of Twin Peaks, she wasn’t talking about Twitter. Or was she? As of March 25, “1989,” a group of Twitter users operating under the banner of Enter The Lodge have taken it upon themselves to give Twin Peaks a third season.

“Twin Peaks Season Three” picks up with the events of Twin Peaks’ series finale, and is told through a series of Twitter conversations between the show’s main characters (with cameos from fan favorites like The Log Lady and FBI Regional Bureau Chief Gordon Cole). Users can follow the story by subscribing to @EnterTheLodge’s Twitter list, and catch up through daily Storify updates that collect each day’s tweets. A series of cryptic documents that provide insights into the story are also available on Enter The Lodge’s website.


At the moment, Vivian Smythe Niles is making plans with her daughters Annie and Norma to meet her future son-in-law Special Agent Dale Cooper (a lot has happened since that night at the Great Northern Hotel). The identities of the Twin Peaks superfans behind this elaborate work of fan fiction remain a mystery, which is wholly appropriate.