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Laura Linney’s still out here talking about that Love Actually make-out

Just because Christmas is over doesn’t mean we have to stop talking about Love Actually. During her recent appearance on Graham Norton, Laura Linney revisited her character’s storyline from the 2003 romantic comedy, acknowledging that it left many viewers feeling frustrated and disappointed. For anyone who doesn’t remember, Linney’s character spends the film pining after her young, hunky coworker (Rodrigo Santoro), only to have their steamy love affair stymied by familial obligations at the last moment. In a film with endings happy, sad, and cringeworthy, it resides in an awkward middle ground.

“People feel sorry for me, but they shouldn’t,” Linney says in the interview. “I really believe I got the best kiss in that movie, hands down.” Upon rewatch, that point is pretty difficult to argue against. But, it turns out, there was some behind-the-scenes incentive that made scripted make-out that much steamier. “[Rodrigo] had just been dumped, I had just been dumped … He was like, ‘Laura, my heart is broken,’ I was like, ‘So is mine.’ I turned to him and said, ‘Well, all day long we get to make each other feel better.’” And so they did!

Oddly enough, that’s not the only Love Actually vignette that had some off-screen inspiration. Just last year, Emma Thompson admitted that her performance as the heartbroken wife of the philandering Alan Rickman was inspired by her own experiences with ex-husband Kenneth Branagh’s infidelity. Next, we’ll presumably find out that Martin Freeman was actually a body double in a porno and Hugh Grant used to moonlight as the Prime Minister.


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