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Laura Ingraham is going on "vacation"; no reason, really, why, what have you heard?

Photo: Chip Somodevilla (Getty Images)

Citing previously existing plans that are in no way related to nearly a dozen advertisers jumping ship from her Fox News show in less than a week, host Laura Ingraham has announced that she’s suddenly going on a well-earned, totally un-spontaneous vacation. (After all, it’s Holy Week!) Ingraham Angle will instead be helmed for the next few days by a series of guest hosts, and then Laura will come back and everything will be fine for her forever. Right?

And why wouldn’t the conservative talk host need a break? After all, she’s had a busy week criticizing and mocking 17-year-old Parkland school shooting survivor David Hogg, having possibly missed the memo that one of the reasons he and his fellow teens have gotten so much media attention over the last few weeks is that they’re pretty good at organizing people and communicating ideas. Ideas like, “Hey, let’s boycott Laura Ingraham,” which Hogg and his followers have successfully transmitted to 11 of her show’s advertisers, including big names like Nestle, Hulu, Johnson & Johnson, and Expedia. Ingraham’s half-hearted apology to Hogg for mocking his GPA and college acceptance chances do not appear to have lightened those efforts, possibly because it was issued by someone so clearly in need of a little R&R.


Ingraham—who’s probably not even thinking about how an advertiser boycott eventually brought down the network’s most famous personality, Bill O’Reilly, last year, because those are not beach-time thoughts, baby—announced her vacation plans on her show during Friday evening’s broadcast.

[via Huffington Post]

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