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Laura Dern might join Michael Keaton in that McDonald’s movie

As the saying goes, behind every great man who convinces a pair of brothers to turn their successful burger shop into a franchise and then forces them out so he can become insanely rich, there’s a woman who thinks he’s being an asshole. For something so simple, it’s surprising how many situations it can be applied to. Like, for example, the story of Ray and Ethel Kroc. Ray Kroc was a businessman who convinced a pair of brothers to turn their successful burger shop (known as McDonald’s) into a franchise and then forced them out so he could become insanely rich, and Ethel thought he was an asshole. A timeless story!

John Lee Hancock is currently working on The Founder, a movie about Ray Kroc that will star Michael Keaton. Now, The Hollywood Reporter says that Laura Dern is in talks to play Ethel, his first wife. THR describes her character as someone “who suffers through his business schemes and whom he neglects.” It’s hard to fault Kroc for that, though, since it can probably be pretty hard to worry about your family when you’re busy gently screwing a pair of brothers out of a billion dollars.


The Founder will be in theaters on November 25, 2016, and we think it’s pretty safe to assume that it’ll have awesome Happy Meal toys.

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