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Laughing Green Shirt Guy laughs for all of us

Not the actual green shirt, but close enough. 
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These are dark days, so we have to take our laughs where we can get them. As well as our heroes. You can find both in this video posted on Twitter by KVOA anchor and investigative reporter Nick VinZant, from a city council meeting in Tucson. The meeting featured a discussion about making Tucson a sanctuary city for those seeking asylum, and was attended by a couple of protestors, carrying poster board signs saying “We Will Deport You” and what looked like a couple of Big Gulps. A woman in a red MAGA hat (what else) started yelling at the council, saying, “Respect our laws” and “You’re in direct violation of the oath you took to the United States Of America.”


Pretty typical, annoying stuff nowadays, right? Not to one person: the delightful, mustached man the internet has now dubbed #GreenShirtGuy, who clearly can not stop laughing at these two yahoos. When a voice from the crowd yells out to the MAGA-hat-wearing woman, “You’re in direct violation of being a jackass!”, he just about doubles over.

The protestors are soon escorted out, so that the whole video is less than two minutes long. Which doesn’t make Green Shirt Guy’s reaction any less cathartic. His laugh-in-racism’s-face reaction has clearly struck a nerve, spreading quickly across Twitter:

Of course, it didn’t take long for the (allegedly) true identity of Green Shirt Guy to be revealed. According to Patton Oswalt (?), his name is Alex Kack.


Oswalt is referring to the older gentleman holding the banjo in the back of the room in the video. Apparently, he’s somewhat of a regular at local Tucson council meetings. Of course, the alleged Green Shirt Guy responds in now-classic Green Shirt Guy fashion:


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Seems like a good dude. Also, a pretty easy Halloween costume to pull together in a pinch. 

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