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Latrice Royale's opening act hits a speed bump in this exclusive Werq The World clip

Rupaul’s Drag Race really only shows its audience a fraction of what could go wrong with a drag performance. If you ever get the chance to chat with a drag veteran like season 4 and multi-All Stars alumnus Latrice Royale, surely they can regale you with tales of missing props, missing performers, missing wigs...actually, a lot of things can come up missing just before a house-rocking show. For some, the slightest misstep might be enough to declare an act officially dead. But if you’re Royale or fellow RPDR alumni Detox and Valentina, it’s just an opportunity to remind the room of the kind of professional you are.


In the above exclusive clip from World Of Wonders docu-series Werq The World, Royale faces a major hiccup when on of the tour buses containing half of her opening act pops a tire on the way to their Barcelona tour stop. The queens handle the setback with such aplomb that it kind of puts your whinier moments in a new light. (Maybe a lack of coffee isn’t the end of the world after all.) It’s also just great to see the queens work and candidly interact without the looming anxiety of a competition.

Werq The World is a behind-the-scenes look at the global drag tour of the same name airing on streaming service WOW Presents Plus Thursdays at 5PM PST.